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2nd Annual OM 26" BMX Classic 2005 Capital City BMX - Round Rock,TX (Austin, Central Texas Area)
May 7th and 8th, 2005

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26" BMX and Pitbike Races at 11:00am CCBMX Saturday May 7th.
Over 30 Age Classes - All Ages - Full Regular Class Race Schedule
26" BMX and Mountain Bikes Welcome!
"Old School" - Vintage BMX Show and Swap Meet 11am-5pm Sunday May 8th under the tent.

Pre-Registrations received by 4.7.2005 can pickup a FREE Commemorative T-Shirt any size at event.
A very limited quantity of Large and XLarge(only) will be available each day!
Pre-register or Order your T-Shirt (in ANY size) today to make sure you get one.

Round table discussion with our guest  Legends of BMX  from 70's and 80's.

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I am pleased with all the overwhelming response from Austin and across the Nation for what started as a idea by Cash Matthews last year with a outstanding turnout with semi's in both 26" and Pitbike last year! The Old School - Vintage BMX Show and Swap turnout was light the first year as you can see but the response this year has been outstanding and promises to be a spectacular showing!!! With the announcement that "Breithaupt is Back!" on a message board by Cash and asking The OM himself to come that is all I needed to hear.

I immediately started the ball rolling with $100 from for OM's airfare. I thought that was just the catylyst to raise the bar on last year and really get the Vintage BMX Show and Swap meet started for what is sure to be a famous turnout and something to look forward to each year. With that, I started contacting Manufacturers and the Industry started contacting me. I understand that Austin LBS have already been talking this up and I keep hearing "I'm In!!!", "When is it", MORE INFO". The supporters have started to assemble and the main thing we need for commitment was dates. Now we have them and are ready to get the promotions and sponsors lined up! Please feel free to contact me. Stay tuned here and I will keep you posted as details are available...

Sponsorship Levels: (These tiers are tenative and still being worked out)
VIP: $2000+ Cash or Merchandise - LARGE T-Shirt Sleeve -or- Your Pick, Flyer and Website Exposure.
Platinum: $1000+ Cash or Merchandise- Largest Back Logo, Flyer and Website Exposure.
Gold: $750 Cash or Merchandise- Medium Back Logo, Flyer and Website Exposure.
Silver: $500+ Cash or Merchandise- Small Back Logo, Flyer and Website Exposure.
Bronze: $100+ Cash or Merchandise- Line Listing, Flyer and Website Exposure.
Supporter: Donated Items or Cash- Recognition Anywhere We Can!!!

This can be in Cash, Merchandise(Bike -or- Non ie; Sony Walkman, Notebook Computer), Parts, Framesets, Bike Labor(tune-up,lacing,truing - fit it in downtime), rentals(stands, tents, ropes) etc. or any combination!

Plus Surprise Celebrity Old School Guests! TBA

Greg Hill BMX Seminar Sunday Morning: We need (26) riders to be pre-registered before April 7th, 2005 to get Greg here.
Greg Hill BMX Speed Seminars

Needed Filled/In Progress
  • Tent for Show and Swap Meet - Possibly Filled?
  • Tent for Show and Swap Meet - Possibly Filled?
  • Bike Stands - Possibly Filled?
  • Graphic Artist Familiar with Radical Rick and Charly Gnarley type caricatures-
  • Rope Dividers for Lg. Displays
  • Airfare for Guest Racer & Announcer The OM - $100 from
  • Commemorative Tshirts Fund -

  • Link to T-shirt Design
    Sponsor could go on the sleeves and on the back.
    The front of the shirt could be reserved for autographs & such.
    Feedback on Designs: Possible design element additions; 26", BMX, 16" or Pitbike, Vintage, Old School, Show & Swap, Caricature like Charley Gnarly etc. More Suggestions???

    Link to Shorts Design
  • Raffle Tickets(2part to vote for peoples choice)
  • Raffle Items - In Progress / More Needed!
  • Refreshments - Capitol City BMX Concession Stand.
    Other Sponsors - 1 FREE Limit with more available at CCBMX Concession Stand For Sale
  • 2nd Videographer for Events-
  • 2nd Photographer for Events-
  • Admission Person for Swap and show
  • Pre-Registration for Race and Show/Swap for funds and free tshirt mailout till April 7th.
  • American Statesman Advertisement for 4 weeks $22x4=$88
  • 2nd Annual OM Classic Coordinator - Cash Matthews
  • Vintage BMX Show Coordinator - Cliff Edwards
  • Vintage Swap Meet Coordinator - Cliff Edwards
  • 1st Videographer for Events- Cliff Edwards
  • Bike Show Tags (2 part) -
  • Flyers(color) -
  • Website -
  • Bike Show Tags (2 part) -
  • Commemorative Tshirts Design - RetroFit

  • We are shooting for 75% sponsorship lined up by March 1st so color flyers may be printed and distributed.
    OM Classic Flyer / Poster "Draft 2"
    Hi-Level - few details. This can be used for autographs as well and more sponsor space can be added as neccesary.
    Link to Flyer "Draft 1" This has all the info and a map. Lot's of space for all level sponsor visibility.

    Raffles, Door Prizes and SWAG!

  • T-Shirts, Jerseys, Leathers, Wing Things, Custom OM Classic Pad Sets, Decals etc.

    Needed Filled
    Best of Show Prize - Sponsor Needed Substantial Prize like Frameset, etc.
    Best Vintage 16  Prize - Sponsor Needed Substantial Prize like Frameset, etc.
    Best Vintage 20  Prize - Sponsor Needed Substantial Prize like Frameset, etc.
    Best Vintage 24  Prize - Sponsor Needed Substantial Prize like Frameset, etc.
    Best Vintage 26  Prize - Sponsor Needed Substantial Prize like Frameset, etc.
    Peoples Choice Prize - Sponsor Needed Substantial Prize like Frameset, etc.
    Best Retro Vintage Prize - Sponsor Needed Substantial Prize like Frameset, etc.
    Best New School Prize - Sponsor Needed Substantial Prize like Frameset, etc.
    Best Vintage Display Prize - Sponsor Needed Substantial Prize like Frameset, etc.
    Ballot Box and Ballots-
    Show Judges -

    Ideas: Notes Captured:
    Through the Grapevine I have heard that a famed "Local Brew Pub" where all the employees have and ride cruisers and would like to be part of and sponsor in some way. Since the track is closed to adult beverages I am told; maybe they could have a "Hospitality" area at their establishment Saturday night!?!? It would be great if they had a private room. Admission Free, Show Bike Display $5 Unlimited Bikes, Sale Table $10 (over $500 sales $25, >1k sales $50, >2k $100)

    It is possible Sunday May 8th will be the "Race for Life" date Cancer Benefit and if so will be a "Double Points" Race

    1st Annual OM Classic 9.12.2004 - Austin, Texas Capital City BMX:

    Check Out the Streaming Video of Last Years OM Classic - 26" BMX Open Cruiser Main!

    A Flashback to 1981 Redline Summer National Tour! Stu Thomsen at Capitol City BMX Austin, TX when it was at 183/Lamar.

    Email Cliff to Sponsor or more information.

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