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SE Racing Enduro 1979-1981. I have the history written over several years in 2005 and will post it once it has been proof read. Some of these were to be developed by Murray into mass produced version of the first mountain bikes. They all feature a 135mm rear end for running gears. Depending on who you talk to Enduro was or was not. The decals were made. The 1990's evolution of the OM Flyer most were made with the Enduro configuration plus a actual derailleur hanger on the frame which the 70-80's version lacked, some with 110mm and Coaster Brake, and a few were decaled Enduro.

The dark blue and baby blue variations are the same Enduro. This was Perry Kramer "PK Ripper" actual racebike that he had from 1970 or 1980-2004. This is one of those cases where you second guess yourself, should the bike have been left with the original patin and track dirt from when PK rode it??? This bike featured one of the first 5 or so Enduros prototypes made with the Shimano braze-on's for derailleur and cable hangers. I believe the tubing is double butted, it is very light. PK rode this in some of the first downhill events. Other interesting facts are the original finish pictures you can see the white press on letters spelling most of "Enduro" came from K-Mart LOL. Non Stamped Landing Gear forks with canti mounts.

The Tan Enduro was a later prototype version with a head tube gusset made from Landing Gear fork leftovers and it featured the first Campagnolo braze-ons in 1980 or 1981.

When have you seen pictures of a real Enduro? It is a real shame when you see these frames and forks stripped of the braze ons and canti mounts and rear ends altered to 110mm from 135mm, history lost...

This frame features my missing Landing Gear from when they were shipped to Factory Alliant for Restoration in 2003. It is a one of 5 or so prototype from 1980 or 1981 which features the first Campagnolo braze ons and head tube gusset made from fork left overs I believe. There is a REWARD for information on who took these UNIQUE set of Non Stamped Landing Gear evident by 3 holes in the dropouts, usually no holes on 26" drops, (others identifying features only I would know) in 2002-2003!

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